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Geothermal heat pump systems are some of the most energy and cost efficient on the market, as well as the greenest technology for heating and cooling your home. The technology utilizes the constant temperature of the earth, which makes it extremely efficient and comfortable all year long!

We have decades of experience and training in designing and installing geothermal systems. We offer the best technology and most efficient equipment available. By installing a geothermal heat pump we can help make your HVAC system as green as possible, and help you save money on your fuel bills!

Geothermal systems bring your home into harmony with nature, while providing unmatched energy efficiency! Geothermal systems work with the constant temperature below the ground to provide heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Geothermal is perfect for those who want to dramatically reduce their energy usage, save money on bills, and enjoy a more even, consistent comfort in their home.

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Operation Modes of a Heat Pump

Outside temperatures fluctuate with the changing seasons, but underground temperatures don't change nearly as dramatically. Four to eight feet below the ground the temperatures remains relatively constant year round. A geothermal heat pump typically consists of and indoor heat pump and a buried system or pipes called a ground loop or a well system. These methods capitalize on the free energy provided by the constant ground temperatures.

Geothermal Winter Heating
Winter Heating Mode
In winter time, fluid circulating through the loop absorbs stored heat from the ground and carries it indoors. The heat pump compresses the heat to a higher temperature and distributes it throughout the home.
Geothermal Summer Cooling
Summer Cooling Mode
In summer time, the process reverses, the cooler earth absorbs heat from the home, returning cooler fluid to the heat pump. This fluid is typically cooler than outside temperatures, providing a more efficient operation and energy savings.

Geothermal Comfort Advantages

Geothermal systems provide some of the most efficient heating and cooling available in the world today. Being environmentally friendly has its benefits. Beyond sharing the abundant thermal energy stored within the the earth saving you money. Consider these advantages that you get by going geothermal:

Bosch Geothermal Heat Pump AC Hutchinson Heating Cooling
-All equipment is indoors.
   Providing a quieter environment outside
   compared to a traditional AC unit
-Storm proofing your home and HVAC system
  Nothing is outside to be damaged or affected
  by inclement weather
-Long lasting comfort
  Because equipment is safe indoors and you can have
  peace of mind for years to come 
-No more burning fuels for heating
  Geothermal heat pumps can provide all the 
  heat needed for your home
-Superior comfort for both heating and cooling modes
  Better humidity control in the summer for a crisp, cool
  environment and comfortable heating in the
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Well Water Loop System

Also referred to as "Pump to Reinjection", or "Class V Thermal Exchange Well", these systems are often the best choice for areas that predominantly require cooling. A pair of boreholes is drilled, one as the source well, and one as the injection well, and the water is pumped from the aquifer through the heat pump, and injected back into the aquifer with no chemical change. It is also possible to use an open loop well system, where the water is pumped from a source well, to the heat pump, and then released into a pond.

Geothermal Well AC Furnace

Loop System

Horizontal ground loops are often less expensive to install, but need more surface area. Rather than drilling trenchers or excavators are used to dig a 4 to 6 foot deep, and lay loop variations ranging from single pipes to "slinky style" piping in the bottom of the excavation. The piping is connected together and run into the home for connection to the heat pump. The excavation is then backfilled, and returned to its original condition.

Geothermal Loop AC Air Conditioning

Cost and Payback


Geothermal HVAC systems are recognized by the US Department of Energy as the most efficient heating and cooling availible. Geothermal systems are the among the longest lasting, most efficient technoligies availible for heating and cooling your home. So while they cost a little more to install the first time, because of the installation or ground looping or well piping, the payback period and return on investment can be significant. With energy consumption reduction of 25% to 70% depending on climate and installation methods, you will likely find no better return on your HVAC investment.

Enjoy tax credits and local rebates

Currently a federal tax credit is available to homeowners of 26% in 2020, and 22% in 2021, of the costs related to installing a new geothermal heat pump. Local rebates may also be available through your local utility provider.

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