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Rheem Residential Package Unit

Year Round Comfort!

Chances are, the last thing you think about is your building’s air conditioner. You just expect it to keep your home cool and comfortable. Rheem® has it covered with the finest package air conditioners in the industry—top-quality, innovative cooling solutions in a variety of sizes and models to suit your budget and needs.

We are your local Rheem Dealer. We have proudly been selling Rheem Heating and Cooling products for over 40 years! 

Rheem Package AC and Heat Pump
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Rheem Classic 14 SEER Package Unit

  • All models feature Scroll® compressors for maximum efficiency and quiet operation. 5 Ton RGEA15 models feature UltraTech™ Scroll 2-Stage compressors with Comfort Alert™ diagnostics (see below), high/low pressure switches, and hard start kits.

  •  Louvered condenser compartment for protecting the coil against yard hazards and/or weather extremes.

  • One-piece top with a deep flange to help keep water out of the unit.

  • Supply and return air openings feature a one-inch tall flange to prevent water migration into the ductwork.

  • Access panels have “weep holes” and channels to further help manage water run-off.

  • Side and down discharge options available on all models.

  • Easily accessible blower section complete with slide-out blower.

  • Refrigerant connections are conveniently located for easy service diagnostics.

  • Micro Channel evaporator and condenser delivers superior performance with less refrigerant charge and less weight than conventional copper tube/aluminum fin coils. Its easier to clean and has a more robust surface.

  •  Inside the easily accessible furnace compartment is the draft inducer motor. This motor is specially designed for quiet reliable operation. In addition to the draft inducer motor, the in-shot gas burners and manifold efficiently regulate the flow of gas for combustion. These new gas/electric units also feature direct-spark ignition and remote flame sensors for added reliability and efficiency.

  • All units feature an internal trap on the condensate line eliminating the need for installing an on-site external trap.

  • Easily accessible control box.

  • Single point wiring simplifies installation.

  • Our gas/electric package units feature a tubular heat exchanger design. Tubular heat exchangers are more efficient and durable than older-style clamshell heat exchangers. The heat exchanger is backed by a 10 year limited warranty. Models with a stainless steel heat exchanger installed in a residential application are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Thermal expansion valve standard on all models for superior superheat control, reliability, and energy efficiency at all operating conditions.

  • Filter drier standard on all models (not shown).

  • Rugged baserail included for improved installation and handling

  • Complete factory charged, wired and run tested.

  • Molded compressor plugs.

  • A double sloped evaporator coil drain pan assures all water is removed from the unit to improve indoor air quality.

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