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Your heating system is critical to your home or business. We handle the service and repair of furnaces, as well as installing all types and sizes of heating units.

It is important to have a reliable heat source during the Kansas winters. We provide furnace repair, service, and installation on all brands of furnaces. Our service technicians have the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnosis and repair failures and malfunctions in your heating system. Our prompt service allows us to keep your heater regularly maintained to help prevent your furnace from failing when you need it most!

Our Heating Services

It is crucial to keep your furnace operating properly. Keeping it maintained will help prevent you from being left it in the cold, by finding issues before they become a bigger problem! Regular maintenance also helps prolong your HVAC systems lifespan by keeping everything working properly. We repair and service all brands of equipment. If you need your furnace fixed, we can help!

-Furnace Repair                 -Furnace Installation

-Furnace Service               -Furnace Replacement

Rheem Gas Furance Rheem Heater

We Repair and Install

-Gas  Furnaces

-Electric Heat Pumps

-Low Temp Mini Split Systems

-Geothermal Heat Pumps

-Radiant Heating

Rheem Furnaces

When you need an upgrade rely on the Hutchinson Heating Pros!

Rheem Benefits 
High Quality Furnace
High Efficiency Furnace
Efficient Gas Heating
Quiet Furnace
Reliable Furance
-High Quality Equipment
-High Efficiency ECM Motors
-Best AFUE Ratings 92% - 98%
-Quiet Operation
-PlusOne Ignition System 

New Equipment


When you need more than just a repair we are your experts for furnace installations. We proudly offer quality Rheem furnaces and have the experience to keep your home warm all winter long. With nearly 100 years of experience, Rheem® has used the power of gas to fuel some great advancements in energy-efficient home heating, making a Rheem gas home furnace one of the smartest choices you can make. With our wide range of propane or natural gas furnace models available with a variety of advanced features and the latest technology, we’re sure you’ll find the right residential furnace to create the perfect home heating solution for your family.

Rheem Gas Furnace Reno County
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